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Julie HartleyI was born in the North of England, and spent my teenage years mostly writing novels, on a portable typewriter, wondering if there were any other kids out there like me. I went to Warwick University, studying English Literature and Theatre Studies, then took one of the biggest leaps of my life when I emigrated to Canada with my husband, Craig. Our dream was to set up an overnight summer arts camp. We wanted to create a place where kids with artistic dreams could belong to a real community. I had known firsthand what it was to feel isolated as a young writer. Our arts camp led to years of hard work, but was a huge success, and still is. That’s an important lesson I like to pass along to the incredible kids we welcome to Centauri each summer: work hard and believe in your dreams.

Over the years, I’ve had time to devote to my other passions, too. I am a writer, teacher and parent. I love to be creative, and to inspire others to be the same. I am also the proud mom of a wonderful 10 year old daughter, and I continue to call Toronto my home.

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