The Finding Place – Released Tomorrow!

The Finding Place – Released Tomorrow!

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One of the most exciting parts of this process so far has been receiving reviews from readers – through Amazon and direct to my email and blog. I thought I would share some of the very first ones:

A review on Amazon:
I was absolutely gripped by the novel’s main character – 13-year-old Kelly – whose life suddenly becomes more complicated when her father leaves the family. Set in Ontario and China, this coming-of-age story has multi-faceted characters, an authentic sense of place, and movingly portrays the confusion a young Chinese adoptee might feel around identity and the meaning of family.

An email received yesterday: I just finished reading The Finding Place and it was excellent! !! … I found it truly great and really enjoyed it.  I know you mention it is for young readers however I think it is for everyone. The novel captures a wonderful feel about Kelly’s journey of growing and discovering who she is.

One reader’s parent also contacted me to say that after finishing The Finding Place, her daughter’s friends ordered their own copies on her recommendation. That’s fabulous to hear – and probably the very best way for news of a brand new book to spread.


Now, the official release date is only hours away!

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