The Finding Place, my novel for young adults, is published by Red Deer Press and available in Canada and in The States. The Finding Place tells the story of an international adoptee, Kelly, compelled by circumstance to return to China in search of her roots. It’s an adventure story, and one that reflects the difficult growing up experiences of so many of us. You can read more about The Finding Place here

I am also a poet and a playwright. My plays for young audiences have been performed across Canada and in the UK. My poetry has appeared in journals such as CV2, The Antigonish Review, Event Magazine and The Toronto Quarterly. I’ve also written articles and award-winning short stories. Current projects include a book length poetry collection, Flying Backwards with Pelicans, a drama textbook for teachers, and my new novel for middle grade readers, about a mysterious 18,000 year old egg that hatches at the Toronto Zoo.

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